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Union of Mad Scientists

About it Bout it

Hello, I’m Jean Low, intellectual bodyguard and super writer.

A few quotes concerning me are:

“I predict that within the year, in honor of Jean Low, a pandemic called “The Dork Fandango” will overtake the personalities of legs and arms all around the nation. Thanks a lot, Jean Low.”, Deborah Frost, former rock critic of the Rolling Stones

“Here’s to lofty ambitions and slothful brilliance…As Winston Churchill said: “We are all worms, but I do believe that I am a glow-worm.” Congratulations on being deeply cool.”, ! Natasha Mostert, author of Season of the Witch

“We are writing to kindly ask permission to use your photo featuring an arm wrestling contest with Brett Dennen for an Oingo Boingo appreciation video.”–(random agent’s surprising myspace comment)

My literary work is best understood by seedy octogenarians and others with hard-knock syndromes and/or stiff drinks.

3 Responses to “About it Bout it”

  1. so in further response to your question….have you gotten a wordpress blog yet?……

    so i started thinking about how ….more and more i’ve been feeling the compulsion to publicly post my ramblings that i normally keep locked in my Microsoft notebook…..the freedom with words inspired by you and a few others in my life……but myspace is the only place i’ve ever really blogged…..but it isn’t the forum i need………hello jean low? is this it? ….is this the bullhorn i need……or is some one going to call shenanigans on my late introduction onto the blogging world and sporadic and often moronic bullshit that i will post here?…..i mean, is my bullshit really worth reading….is my bullshit really good enough to join your movement?

  2. Well, as long as you hold back important details, you are a chicken. All I’m saying. And when it comes to a fear of writing? We all have crap we need to let out before the real stuff can form. No one is judging you, least not me.

  3. dude…..i don’t want to be a chicken any longer…..i got an acct. posted blog number one…..i may spend some manic time this weekend…..reading through all of my journaling/bullshit?……and post some more…..

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