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Gay Marriage is Wrong Because…..?

Gay Marriage is Wrong Because…..?

Gay Marriage is Wrong Because……?

Make sure to add this humor page. It started off as a “I Hate Douche”—sorry, I don’t want to repeat this dupe’s name for yet another search engine return, but his picture is the default on the page, you BR people probably have heard of him now—but after talking to the anonymous dude behind the page, I’m more than happy to say a few words about this adorable concept.

Make fun of the haters. Very Colbert inspired, me thinks.

I just got a kick out of the pro-gay marriage humor flying in the comments there–and frankly, its a beautiful thing.

There’s only thirty or so comments on the page, but here’s a few great examples:

“Gay marriage is wrong because America is sick peeping tom looking in on the window of love.”–Blaze

“Gay marriage is wrong because eating shellfish is an abomination and we all know gay men are all about tropical themed weddings.”—Justin

“Gay Marriage has to be wrong, because if men can marry other men, than you should be able to marry your mom and dad.”—Robbie, one of my personal favorite southern pundits, as it goes.

“Gay marriage is wrong because if gays can get married, eventually the population will start dying out because gays can’t have kids. And the next thing you know, people will start marrying their dogs.”—American poet and Alabama based writing professor, Andrea Barton

And my personal favorite, as well as the trend setter for this whole thing:

“Gay marriage is wrong because then midgets would want to marry tall people.”–I am not sure of this guys name, but he’s now on my friends list.

Edit: I wrote the blog entry for the page, requesting your personal “Coming Out” story. If it catches on, maybe it’ll inspire a couple of lost kids or something. Dunno.


One Response to “Gay Marriage is Wrong Because…..?”

  1. check out this link!

    YAY! for politicians having the balls to stand up for gay marriage!

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