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Student Tasered For Talking

I’m not much of a crier, but I cried over this.

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2 Responses to “Student Tasered For Talking”

  1. I’m more disturbed by folks who have never witnessed an arrest and have never considered how things would work in a world without tasers (where nightclubs and mace were the only nonlethal options against a resisting suspect). There are standard means of dealing with people like “The Andrew Meyer,” and since he continually resisted arrest, the taser was a natural response for the police to avoid having to beat him down or allow him to continue to run around like a maniac.

    This idea that it’s free speech to create a ruckus and break the rules for a public forum is ridiculous, subversive nonsense from the Sixties. And when I decide it’s civil disobedience to use violence, what can you say then since you’ve not encouraged respect for the law?

    This whole “civil disobedience” mentality led to the 70s crime wave and the coarsening of public life since then. Its so pervasive now we don’t even notice or care. I’m glad they tasered that whiny little brat.

  2. Free speech in america… awesome…. im moving to canada. toodles

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