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Zombie Drug


Jerry the Logic Ferret


Cross-posted from my myspace blog:     Demogogic Logic ROTFL!!!!!!!!!! Alright, a few things to mention: 1. Alright, this is the beta video that the dudes from “Smart House Studios” jumbled together after I sent in my audio clips of the script. 2. I can not stop laughing. Here, oh my effing god, rock:

Gay Marriage is Wrong Because…..?


Gay Marriage is Wrong Because…..? Gay Marriage is Wrong Because……? Make sure to add this humor page. It started off as a “I Hate Douche”—sorry, I don’t want to repeat this dupe’s name for yet another search engine return, but his picture is the default on the page, you BR people probably have heard of […]

Student Tasered For Talking


I’m not much of a crier, but I cried over this. Here’s the link to my myspace blog where I’ve got a lot more friends. If you are on there, feel free to chip in:

World Peace, a bad thing???


I get a kick out of Yahoo Answers. If you aren’t on that site, I suggest you check it out. It’s a brilliant concept, I promise. Today, I posted this question: Do you think there is hope for a unifying world religion some day? (Or is the need to be right as a culture stronger […]

The Blinking Line


Well, here’s a self-toast to finally making up my mind on the “presentation theme” of my brand new wordpress blog. I hope to press words often here. I opted for “Supposedly Clean” because it reminds me of a great song by Outkast- So Fresh and So Clean Clean, which led me into a quick visual […]